Thursday, September 10, 2009

Win Tickets to Cold/Taproot Tour

Ok, here's the deal. There are way too many ways to try to give updates from the road. Between Myspace, Facebook, Twitter - it's become quite a large job. The easiest one for me to do from the road is's quick, easy, and I can do it right from my phone. As an incentive to get people to move to Twitter for their Taproot updates, I'm doing a "Caption this Photo" Contest.

Here's how it's going to work. First, you will need a Twitter account. Go to and follow the simple instructions for creating an account. Then you need to find us on Twitter and follow us. We're at I will upload a photo to Twitter followed by three asterisks (***) and you will re-tweet the photo with your caption. Funny captions are what we're looking for, don't just state what's in the photo. Be creative. The winning caption wins a spot on our guestlist +1 for the show of their choosing. Simple and easy. Winner will be decided by our crew, so complain to them if yours doesn't win. If you don't know what "follow" or "re-tweet" means, read up on it at It's really simple to the point of idiocy, where you'll be like "Why do people do this?" I'll tell you why: because it's easy. Any questions feel free to ask, I may have left something out, it's been a crazy day as you'll see when you go to our Twitter account. Photos I upload without the *** have nothing to do with the contest and will simply be for your enjoyment...altho feel free to comment a caption on those too.

Maximum of TWO entries per person per photo. I don't want a bunch of captions from someone with way too much time on their hands. I want you to think it through and come up with something good. Quality over Quantity. Sometime in the next 12 to 24 hours or so after I post my pic, I will then repost the photo with the winning caption, at which point the contest for that photo is over and no more entries will be accepted until I upload the next photo and everyone can try again. Good luck!

If we're not playing in your area, which I've read a bunch of you complaining about, feel free to participate, but you won't win any prizes, sorry!

I apologize for those of you that swore to never Twitter or Tweet (as I once did) but like I said, it helps for quick and easy updates.

Winners will be notified via direct messages on Twitter, so if you enter the contest and your show is coming up, be sure to check your Twitter account to see if you won.

Get on Twitter soon, first photo will be uploaded shortly.