Tuesday, February 26, 2008

uh huh, huh?

ni hao! just wanted to check in and say hello. im at home here in lovely ann arbor michigan sitting in my office. its cold outside and snowing. yesterday i finished putting together the last (for now) of four bookshelves. ive been reading alot as of late and the books began demanding homes. soon enough, we will need more. started my day off with tsampa and tea. matcha tea! (thanx phil) so im feelin good. who is tuned in this political season? i for one, am addicted. been watching/reading/learning everything i can. im a bit obsessed but i find it a fairly healthy one. how many of you have checked out the taproot mog pages? there are links to each of ours on the myspace page. i am very fond of mog. you guys should join in and become our friends... cause we dont have any :( haha anyways, new music soon right?! i know, we cant wait for you to hear it. hopefully you will find it as exciting and uplifting as we do. till then, take care and be well. - mike


Anonymous said...

hey Mike! good to hear from you..... it's freezing here in NY too! we just had a lot of snow a while back, but I can only imagine how bad it is over there haha. but I love the snow, so it's all good, homey..... I need to start reading again, I barely read. my all-time favorite book though is Geeks by Jon Katz, you ever read it?

I don't drink a lot of tea, I'm more a coffee guy myself, although starting today I'm officially off coffee, it gives me the jitters something fierce haha. I've been a bit obsessed with politics lately too, even though honestly I find a lot of it to be horse shit..... the only person that really sticks out to me is Obama, I'd probably vote for him. but it just seems like everyone would vote for him because he's part of a minority or something, I don't know..... I'm still a bit divided over it.

MOG sucks, you should check out Last.fm :P haha. I don't know, I find Last.fm to be a bit less complicated than MOG, but whatever floats your boat..... about the new album, what would you say it sounds like, honestly, to you? a continuation of BSR, a combination of your whole discography, or just something COMPLETELY different altogether? waiting so long has made me real antsy lol I just wanna know what to expect.

and hey man, you probably get this a lot, but you're one of my biggest inspirations to play guitar..... I would just like to know, what are some of your favorite bands/inspirations to pick up the axe!?

anyway, sorry for the big ass post lol. I hope you're doing alright. peace out!

gobluedental said...

Looking forward to the new cd coming out! got all of them so far and loved 'em, but unfortunately because of school schedules haven't been able to see a show yet. definitely looking to make it to one this year though. gotta support the hometown band rockin' out. As for the weather it's cold!! I'm about 30 minutes west of you in jackson. But just wanted to drop a line saying can't wait for the new stuff!

Anonymous said...

Definitely prefer http://www.last.fm !! Due to uh.. working for them and stuff.

Am greatly looking forward to the new record. Keep it up :) Loved Blue Sky Research.


TaprooterChris said...

Hey Mike D! I can't wait to hear that new album! I know it's gonna be album of the year! You guys are going to single handedly make MTV do a 180 and start playing music videos again that are actually good! They'll stop playing crappy emo and metalcore bands (when they're not playing rap) and start playing taproot and deftones and shiznit like that!!! I know, I know! Yah right! Hey it could happen!!! But on a serious note, I think it's good you are keeping up with political happenings. I am trying to do that too but I get so upset with politics. I'm the most conservative rocker ever...(so I think). Well maybe not Tripp from Static-X was pretty conservative but he also raped a young teen from what I hear so yah. Anyway, I think I'll go McCain from what I've seen so far. I'm like an old fart set in his ways but only 26 and Obama's too much of a modernist. What do you think? Matcha tea huh? We sell that at my store in world Market in The Woodlands, TX (near Houston). If you're ever in town (maybe for a radio show at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion here like back in '03 or '04) you should come by and I'll sell you some good stuff! We're right across the street. You might have one of those stores in Ann Arbor but I'm not too sure on that. Anyway, take care! See you all soon!

-Chris O.

gobluedental said...

hmmm matcha tea..I've never heard of it. what's it all about? I like green tea if that's anything similar haha. yeah there is a world market in ann arbor. right on state street. I might have to check this out, from the buzz it's getting on here.

Paichunz said...

Hi Mike, sorry you're freezing, you should come here to my country, I'm from Chile and it's f***** hot in here right now, and yes, we hear you here. I love Taproot's work since 2000 and i can't wait to enjoy your new record. So, hope you think to play here sometime, lots of fans waiting. And if you just want vacations, here's the perfect place...You can borrow my house, that would be an honor.


darkblue said...

Hi there!

Weeeh, I wish we had some snow here in Germany...usually we have tons of snow every winter, but this season not one single snowflake hit the ground so far =/

And I've already checked your MOG pages, but just like the other guys in here I prefer last.fm ^^

I'm getting more and more excited about your new album - can't wait to hear some new songs!!! So please hurry up and post some new stuff!!!

*Greetings from Germany*

metalmaniak said...

Hey Mike, glad to see a new taproot blog post! The weather on Long Island, NY is crazy! It's cold one day, it's warm the other, it can get really annoying at times, but that's what you get for living on an island.

I'm into the political stuff myself, especially this race. I don't wanna get too political here, or cause any politics-fueled arguments, but I'm an Obama girl, I really support him. Its good to see that you're into the political stuff too. Its our country and our future!

I'm not really into Mog, I checked our ur guys' pages, and they're really cool. I'm a myspace girl. Can't wait until the new CD comes out, its going to be great, I can tell! If you guys come to NY for your OLRH tour, if you can, come to the Nassau Colliseum(I think I totally spelled that wrong) and play a show, or in its huge parking lot. It would be so amazing if you did, your LI fans won't have to travel all the way to NYC! Still, its worth the trip to see you guys. If you can't do it this year, you guys have to make it there sometime.

Tim C said...

You have to be kidding. This isn't "cold". This is like hell froze over then someone decided to turn on an industrial rated fan just in case we thought we could survive for 15 minutes outside without getting frostbite. XD Wind actually hurts here.

Moved to Michigan from the west coast not too long ago and all I can say is winter here is just wrong. I have no idea how you guys survived growing up here. By the way, anyone know if the teriyaki joint in downtown Ann Arbor is the only one in the state? It's seriously the only straight forward teri place that I've found since moving to MI and I've checked GR, Lansing, AA, and a lot of the DT suburbs. I'm used to there being more of those places than McDonalds and I'm really missing my yakisoba lunch specials, lol.

johntd said...

nice to hear from you, old friend.

you know how i feel about your music, so let's talk politics. is this not the most exciting primary season you can remember? while the republican race for the nomination has proven to be far from dramatic, watching the democratic race is simply amazing.

i successfully stayed away from the 2008 presidential race last year. the iowa caucus is when i officially become active. suffice to say, every tuesday with primary after primary has been so exciting.

it took me a while to choose, but the week of the maryland primary i endorsed barack obama for president. i've never seen a political figure speak with the level of passion and fire that obama speaks with since kennedy (how ironic, since obama employs one of kennedy's speech writers). he's exactly what the country needs when so many people have become disenfranchised thanks to the politics of the bush administration.

as fun as it's been, i'm hoping for an end to the democratic race on tuesday with the ohio and texas primaries so we can move onto the general election!