Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On The Record

Check out our iMeem page and listen to our On The Record playlist. There you can stream the entire new album with song-by-song commentary from Stephen!


ennzo said...

I got a hold of the album a couple days ago, but dont worry i got it on the way from amazon.com since i live in nowhere town and can get it. that said..

you guys did a great job again, i think OLRH still has a lot of bluesky feeling in it (which is my goto album), and you just got some really REALLY phenomical tracks, super catchy/heavy.. i even like the the filling meat at the end, think its needed.. overall i just think its awsome where you guys are musically, please keep it up..

oh, and the commentary was pretty funny.. and i know my spelling is just astounding.. maybe i should stick to shot words =]

ennzo said...

short words*