Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tour Dates On Sale Now!

New tour dates are now on sale! Check below:

Jan 29 - Toledo, OH - The Pool Room | On-Sale Now
Jan 30 - Lima, OH - Harry's Hideaway | On-Sale Now
Jan 31 - Battle Creek, MI - Planet Rock (John Smith Cancer Benefit) | On-Sale Now
Feb 6 - Flint, MI - The Machine Shop | On-Sale Now
Feb 7 - Chesterfield, MI - New York New York | On-Sale Now


Austin said...

Nice! You guys should come to CANADA sometime! I've been waiting forever to see you and I never get the chance!!! Great work on the new album by the way, I love it!

Christophe said...

Great new album!
Hope you guys come to europe soon!!

Tim said...

What! No Cincinnati! You guys always used to come to Cincinnati! It's cool. Maybe next time.

Skye said...

When the hell you guys coming to the uk!!??

Mallory said...

I'd like it if you guys were coming to Chicago. I've been a fan since 1999, but have never been old enough to go to a concert. Now that I am I'd love to have the chance.

I'll hit you guys up next time, maybe. :) Keep on rockin'. You guys are my favorite band ever.

Brittney said...

hey guys! i just saw you in toledo last night and you put on such an AMAZING show! & Phil even said bless you to me when i sneezed. talented AND such gentlemen! i was highly impressed. keep rockin'!

gregreisz said...

hey theres hundreds of us waiting to see you in jasper and we cant find tickets what the hells going on

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