Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greetings From Ann Arbor!

See the postcard below? It has a little message on it from us. It's for all of your friends and other people that need to know about *Our Long Road Home* coming out on 9/16.

Now check out the signed pic and "Wherever I Stand" single CD below the postcard. Do you want to win it? Details after the jump.

We're looking for our friends and fans to distribute some of our "Greetings From Ann Arbor" postcards to people around their cities. If you have a digital camera, transportation, and can dedicate some serious time to promoting in the nearest major US city, send an email to

In the subject, write "POSTCARDS" and the name of your city in all caps. For example: POSTCARDS - CHICAGO. You may only participate if you can promote in a major US city! In the body of the email, include your full name, address with zip code, and phone number. You will be sent a batch of postcards to distribute and more specific instructions. We only have a limited amount, so act quickly.

The top 5 promoters will each win a signed copy of the limited edition "Wherever I Stand" CD and an autographed photo of us, Taproot. Now, good luck and get promoting!

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darkblue said...

Great idea! Wish I could get one of those postcards...*sighs* there any chance of an international release of OLRH?