Monday, August 11, 2008

Tap Your Space

See the set list below? This is an actual set list signed by everybody in Taproot.

Want to win it? Here's how...

We want you to TAP YOUR SPACE. Change your Myspace profile name to "(your name)-root," add "Wherever I Stand" to your profile, add us to your top friends and basically get creative and TAP YOUR SPACE however you see fit.

After you "Tap Your Space," send an email with the subject "TAPPED SPACE" to All you have to do is write your myspace URL in the body of the email (ours is You must enter by no later than MONDAY, AUG 18 and leave your profile "TAPPED" until MONDAY, SEP 1ST. Your profile must be left TAPPED for the entire two weeks or more... it will be checked regularly. On September 1, one participating fan will be chosen at random to win the set list above!

Good luck!

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