Saturday, March 15, 2008

Demand Taproot!

We are in the planning stages for our next tour, so demand that Taproot comes to your area! Click on the "Demand It" button below and let us know you want Taproot to come to your city. Also, post this on your myspace, blog, facebook, etc. so other people know to demand Taproot! See code at bottom.

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Evelyn said...

Belgium is waiting for you...longing for you... and so on ... :p ;-)

Anonymous said...

you fuckers had better come to NY! Bayside, specifically lol.

alex said...

Yeah! Gotha 4-ever!

But anyway... whole germany would be okay i would travel there for you!

test said...

like evelyn said, Belgium is waiting :-) we need youuuu!

Alexandre said...

Come to Brazil

To São José do Campos specifically